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Cryogenic Systems

Mossbauer Spectrometers & Ritverc Gamma Sources

SEE Co. offers electronics, cryogenics, software and Gamma-ray sources for Mössbauer Spectroscopy.  We specialize in turn-key systems.  Services offered include extended warranties on SEE Co products and training courses using Mossbauer spectrometers at SEE Co.'s lab in Edina, Minnesota, USA.  




Tom Kent, Pres.



2019 Jan 1 --  The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission has approved SEE Co & Ritverc's application to list Ritverc Series GBa3, Cd9 and XFe5 sources on the NRC Sealed Source and Device Registry.  SEE Co now distributes the Barium-133 Gamma sources and the Cadmium-109 and Iron-55 X-ray sources.  See RITVERC.COM for technical information. Request a quote at GAMMA@SEECO.US